Monday, February 16, 2009

People of the Invisble: Knock's Story

'People of the Invisible' is a space designed to make visible lives and stories that have been generally invisible or at least are not clearly in our sight. We know these lives exist but they reside in the recesses of our collective minds. We at People of the Invisible, LLC believe that by raising awareness and making an 'invisible' tangible and personal we can become instruments of change. These videos are only lightly edited and shot on site by an amateur (me) so they are raw but that keeps cost down.

This first story is of Knocks, a "regular" guy with an extraordinary story that unfolds in the 8 minute video below; Knocks lives in Malawi with his wife and six children. His story is not unusual in Malawi, a country with an alarming HIV/AIDS incidence reported at approximately 14.1% of the adult population (USAID, 2005), people on the street believe the incidence is much higher; and approximately one million orphans in a country of about 14 million people. You will learn that Knocks is a "people of the invisible."

What can you do?

  • Pass along this blog
  • Seek information
  • Let your awareness expand and your heart guide you.

If you feel compelled to donate money, please send a non-tax deductible contribution to "People of the Invisible" with "Knocks' Story" in the memo section of your check. The address is P.O. Box 846, Norwalk, CT. 06854. 100% of your contribution will go to the eductational needs of Knocks' children and the educational needs of orphans in Malawi. But please be assured we feel that by watching this film clip and sharing this blog we begin the process toward constructive change.

Here are some websites that provide information and programs related to the above:


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